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You’re Allowed to Be Both a Masterpiece and a Work in Progress - Simultaneously

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

April 9, 2023 - Written by Maggie Osinski, LCSW

Dialectics teaches us that two opposing things can both be true, simultaneously.

So You've Heard of "DBT" 🤔

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - or ‘DBT’ - is an evidence-based treatment model created by Marsha Linehan that is proven to successfully treat individuals with multiple, severe mental health concerns.

There are 4 important features of DBT:


🔹Distress Tolerance

🔹Emotion Regulation

🔹Interpersonal Effectiveness

DBT is designed to help you to:

▫️Improve & maintain your engagement & focus in the change process

▫️Integrate skills into your daily life

▫️Improve relationship with Self, Others, & the World

▫️Engage in more skillful behaviors, including self compassion and mindfulness

▫️Make strategic progress toward goals

How Can DBT Help You in Eating Disorder Recovery?

DBT is all about altering recurrent patterns of behavior that cause you distress. Integration of DBT skills can help you to make different choices as you seek to improve your relationship with food, your body, and your emotions.


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